Our commercial department specializes in heating and cooling with natural gas and propane. We service and install walk-in coolers, ice machines and a wide variety of natural gas and propane appliances.

YORK® Sun™ Core Packaged Rooftop Units

  • 3-12.5 Tons
  • Designed to match up directly with select competitor electrical, control and gas connections
  • Meet or exceed ASHRAE Standard 90.1 – 2016

Small Sunline™ Packaged Rooftop Units

  • 3-6 Tons
  • Energy-efficient scroll compressors
  • All cooling only/heat pump models share a common footprint for on-site flexibility

YORK® Sun™ Pro Packaged Rooftop Units

  • 3-12.5 Tons
  • Units meet or exceed ASHRAE 90.1-2016 and are ENERGY STAR® qualified
  • Easy power and control wiring for reduced installation time and costs

YORK® Sun™ Choice Rooftop Units

  • 15-27.5 Tons

Large Sunline™ Packaged Rooftop Units

  • 15-25 Tons
  • Units meet or exceed ASHRAE Standard 90.1
  • Smart Equipment provides reliability and ease of use

YORK® Sun™ Select Rooftop Units

  • 27.5-50 Tons
  • Equivalent or higher part-load efficiency (IEER) than comparable models from competitors
  • A broad range of outdoor air options, including low-leak damper economizers, constant-volume powered exhaust and modulating powered exhaust

YORK® Sun™ Premier Rooftop Units

  • 25-80 Tons
  • Standard, double-wall foam panels for improved thermal efficiency
  • Variable-speed compressor and VSD fan options with the most advanced refrigeration, airflow and heat-transfer technologies

YPAL Packaged Rooftop Units

  • 50-150 Tons
  • Meets or exceeds ASHRAE 90.1-2019 energy standards
  • Factory-mounted controls provide easy setup and programming

Commercial Thermostats

Take control of your home comfort and save on energy costs with a range of Honeywell Home thermostats. From smart WiFi thermostats with room sensors and humidification control, to programmable and non-programmable thermostats, Honeywell Home products meet a variety of needs.

Reznor HVAC has 130 years of experience manufacturing a wide range of industry-leading industrial and commercial HVAC products. Reznor built its reputation by providing reliable, high-quality heating, ventilation and cooling systems.

For 75 years, KeepRite Refrigeration has been a leader in the commercial refrigeration industry due to our commitment to innovation and dedication to supporting our customers. We manufacture all types of refrigeration units including custom refrigeration products. Utilizing the experience and expertise of our team, KeepRite Refrigeration as a manufacturer consistently pioneers new and improved solutions that best suit your industrial refrigeration needs.

In addition to developing unique refrigeration controllers that save energy, communicate, and reduce other maintenance issues, KE2 Therm Solutions is known for our industry expertise and technical support.

They are passionate about innovative design, quality products, and have the integrity to stand behind the products we create. Our expertise, and extensive background, in refrigeration, programming & communication differentiates KE2 Therm Solutions.